International processing

UM may share your personal data with a party outside of the European Union or an international organisation. UM will ensure that your personal data are treated with care outside of the EU, and that they are processed securely.

Some countries have been designated by the European Union as countries with an adequate level of data protection. In other words, the statutory level of data protection is, at minimum, as high as it is within the EU. In that case, UM does not need to take additional measures.

The EU has not designated the United States as a country with an adequate level of protection. Parties may, however, subscribe to the EU-US Privacy Shield. Under this framework, they demonstrate, through self-certification, that their level of data protection is adequate. In that case, UM does not need to take additional measures.

If the level of protection in a country is regarded by the European Union as inadequate and the relevant organisation has not subscribed to the EU-US Privacy Shield, UM will conclude an agreement with the relevant party based on standard data protection provisions laid down by the European Commission or it shall take other appropriate measures in accordance with the GDPR. To find out more about this, please contact UM as follows:

Maastricht University
attn. Data Protection Officer
PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht

You can also contact UM’s Data Protection Officer directly by emailing