UM Star Lectures

UM Star Lecturer in the spotlight: Jaap Bos

Dry, abstract, complicated: just a few opinions which students of economics and other subjects often have when it comes to the theme of 'finance'. Once they have graduated, however, the gap between science and practice actually turns out to be fairly small, says Professor Jaap Bos. This is also evident from his presentation during the imminent UM Star Lectures. Perhaps you have experienced this for yourself? In any case, this presentation is not to be missed!

'The UM Star Lectures don't just consist of lectures. They mainly involve enjoyable conversations between the speaker and the audience,' says Jaap Bos. 'It's a great opportunity to exchange thoughts with people who have the same educational background, but all went in different directions once their studies came to an end. That's exactly what makes the lectures so interesting – for the audience, but also for me as a speaker! My lecture takes a critical look at the financial sector and its role in promoting sustainability. Above all, I want to examine the sector from an outsider's point of view. What can banks learn from initiatives that have been implemented successfully in other areas of the economy?'

'My work is an unusual mix'

In his lecture, Jaap also draws upon his own experiences. 'My field involves a relatively unusual mix. I mainly focus on benchmarking and explaining differences in productivity and efficiency between people, companies, sectors and countries. As I have always carried out research into the financial sector, this is what appeals to me the most.' However, finance and sustainability are perhaps not the most logical combination. After all, healthy and sustainable economic growth and the developments in the financial world do not always go well together. 'However, since I've been back working in Maastricht with great colleagues who are focusing on sustainable finance, it seems increasingly logical to apply my research interests to the financial sector,' says Jaap.

No more exam stress

Outside work, he likes to spend time in the fresh air in and around Maastricht. The 'Sint Pietersberg', a hillside near Maastricht, is Jaap's favourite place. 'I really like it just before the sun goes down. Preferably in the winter, with running shoes on, after a good run from Maastricht to Kanne and then back over the hill.' During the UM Star Lectures, Maastricht will also be a topic of discussion. It promises to be an informal meeting and Jaap is hoping for many suggestions from alumni. 'Of course, I hope that the people in the audience will find my story interesting, but experience has shown that I can learn at least as much from the meeting as they can. As a speaker, you come back with all kinds of ideas which you can apply in your teaching and research. For the audience, it's an enjoyable way of gaining new knowledge – without the previous pressure of an exam – and entering into a discussion with speakers and fellow alumni!'

Jaap Bos will give his presentation in Frankfurt at 19.30 on 7 February 2019. Click here for more information and to register.