Our mission at AMIBM is to replace traditional polymer building blocks with innovative and sustainable alternatives for the development of novel and environmentally beneficial materials. Our goal is to develop these novel materials into innovative products for technical and medical applications. Our research programme involves interdisciplinary research in at least four key sectors along the bio-based materials value chain, each striving for a higher grade of sophistication than the current state-of-the-art.

Value chain

AMIBM - Value Chain

Biobased Materials are materials that are (partly) made from biological components. Over the past decades it has become clear that the chemical industry has to look for biological renewable feedstocks to produce sustainable plastics and materials in the immediate future. Alternative sources also provide the opportunity to develop materials with new and advanced properties for all kinds of applications.

AMIBM offers a unique approach covering the entire biobased materials value chain, including raw materials (feedstock), polymers (materials) and the end products derived from them (applications) and sustainability evaluations over the whole value chain. Applications include biobased materials for medicine, environmental protection and industry applications.