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Dynamic Game Theory (DGT)

According to the mathematical discipline of game theory, a game is any interaction between multiple parties – the ‘players’ – where one’s outcome may depend on actions of others. As such, game theory is a powerful tool to study complex real-world interactions.

Highlighted publications

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  • D’Huys, O., Veltz, R.,  Dolcemascolo, A., Marino, F., and Barland, S. (2021), Canard resonance: on noise-induced ordering of trajectories in heterogeneous networks of slow-fast systems. Journal of Physics: Photonics 3 (2), 02401
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  • Kuipers, J., Flesch, J., Schoenmakers, G., Vrieze, K. (2021). Subgame perfection in recursive perfect information games. Economic Theory 71 (2), 603-662.
  • Salvioli M., Dubbeldam J, Staňková K., Brown J.S. (2021) Fisheries management as a Stackelberg Evolutionary Game: Finding an evolutionarily enlightened strategy. PLOS ONE, 16(1): e0245255. 

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