• Adam Dixon

    Who’s afraid of foreign funds?


    State-owned sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), like that of FIFA World Cup host nation Qatar, are major shareholders in Western industrial and cultural assets. Is that a cause for concern? FASoS’ Adam Dixon has some answers.

  • A vintage telescope standing on a table with a distorted colour scheme

    Assessing impacts and futures


    Impact assessment refers to the various practices of trying to understand the contributions to addressing different sustainability challenges [1,2]. Assessing impact is often by default referring to the measurements conducted after the execution of different projects, decisions or policies – measuring and monitoring what was done, which goals were reached, or who was impacted. Yet, due to the grand challenges of the future, different organizations and actors have realized the importance to rather assess impact with future-oriented lenses, before decisions are made – measuring and assessing what should be done, what goals could be achieved, who could be impacted, how could resilient, responsible and sustainable futures be reached.

  • Anna Beckers

    ERC Starting Grant for Anna Beckers on CHAINLAW


    The faculty welcomes the excellent news that our colleague Anna Beckers has been awarded a prestigious ERC Starting Grant for her research project on "CHAINLAW, Responsive Law for Global Value Chains". We would like to congratulate Anna Beckers!

  • International classroom at Maastricht University

    Urgent letter to education minister on importance of international education


    When taking measures to keep international student intake manageable, a one-size-fits-all solution is not possible. Today, Limburg educational institutions, governments and business representatives informed Dutch Education Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf of this in a letter.

  • savethedateUMSL
  • cov

    Coronavirus life cycle portrayed


    In a unique animation, Maastricht scientists have visualised the life cycle of the virus for a broad audience. They did this using real microscopic images of infected cells.

  • diab

    Nutrition as medicine for heart failure in diabetes


    Treat heart failure in type 2 diabetes with simple nutritional supplements? Researchers at Maastricht UMC+ have discovered that a particular mixture of amino acids could provide a cure for diabetic heart failure.

  • One person giving a presentation and people sitting around the room in a circle

    The MORSE Week “Conferences of Conferences” 2022


    A series of events organized by the Maastricht Observatory on Resilient, Responsible & Sustainable Enterprise and Economy initiative took place during this year's MORSE "Conference of Conferences" week in October 2022.

    This week included workshops, student conferences, and a CEO meeting from October 20-26, 2022. In addition, MORSE hosted the Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER) in Maastricht from October 26-28, 2022.

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