• Recent Annual Research Day (Toogdag) on effectiveness of human rights


    This year’s Annual Research Day on 20 and 21 June (Toogdag) revolved around the theme of efficiency of human rights, and provided for valuable presentations and discussions from many different angles.

  • Toekenning finance sectorplan

    Ministry invests in legal research at Maastricht University


    The Faculty of law is very pleased with the award of more than 4 million euros by the Ministry of education, culture and science (MOCW) for strengthening its legal research. The Faculty will use this amount to create two new interdisciplinary research groups. 

  • ‘Primary plus’ care is a strong alternative to hospital


    A major reduction in health care costs per patient and shorter waiting lists, plus an increase in patient satisfaction with no detrimental effects on health outcomes. These are the key results of a multi-year trial of an alternative to regular hospital care dubbed ‘primary plus’.

  • Grant of two million for self-learning model to predict risk of coronary heart disease based on big data


    Researchers from Maastricht University and Maastricht UMC+ are receiving a grant of nearly two million euros from NWO for the development of a self-learning eHealth application that aims to prevent coronary heart disease.

  • Groot onderhoud of kruimelwerk bundel Montesquieu

    Montesquieu bundel: Groot onderhoud of kruimelwerk


    Dutch only.
    Heeft de Nederlandse democratie en rechtsstaat groot, achterstallig onderhoud nodig, of blijft het beperkt tot kruimelwerk? Zorgt het advies van Staatscommissie Remkes voor te hoge constitutionele verwachtingen? Dit is de vraag die centraal staat in de nieuwste bundel van het Montesquieu Instituut die op 3 juli werd uitgereikt aan minister Ollongren van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties.

  • Marjan Peeters visits BNR radio for climate goals


    Dutch only.
    Marjan Peeters, hoogleraar klimaatbeleid & -recht, in gesprek met Roelof Hemmen over de klimaatdoelen m.b.t. de big five van de Europese uitdagingen.

  • RECIPES project is now online


    How to reconcile science, innovation and precaution? Follow RECIPES to keep abreast of ongoing discussions, learn about case study findings and get engaged in the development of new tools that help policymakers to make sound decisions.

  • NUFFIC grant for project by Fabián Raimondo, Orange Knowledge Programme Tailor Made Training 


    End of May, NUFFIC awarded a grant to Fabián Raimondo, Associate Professor of Public International Law, following his application for Orange Knowledge Programme Tailor Made Training. 

  • Ana Ramalho event_MLR

    Women and intellectual property


    The United Nations agency for intellectual property has invited Ana Ramalho to speak at the Korea’s International Forum for Women Inventors. Ana delivered presentations on how to empower women through intellectual property, and how to use intellectual property tools to help women entrepreneurs strive. ​

  • ITEM ICGI Cross-border corporate mobility CbCM featured

    Third report on corporate mobility in the EU published


    The third report of the ITEM/ICGI project on ‘Cross-Border Corporate Mobility in the EU’ has now been published. The report builds upon the earlier reporting on cross-border corporate activity and features a comprehensive country-by-country reporting to provide a fuller picture of cross-border company mobility in the EU.

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