• Nobel Prize-winning microscope in Maastricht


    The 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was recently awarded to (among others) the discoverer and developer of the STED microscope, Stefan Hell from Heidelberg. And Maastricht University has one of the two modern STED microscopes in the Netherlands.

  • KE@Work - Frank Thuijsman

    Vodafone neemt studenten kennistechnologie in dienst


    Dutch national newspaper De Telegraaf writes about KE@Work and speaks to Dr. Frank Thuijsman (article in Dutch).

  • Brains Unlimited wins ICT Impact Award 2014



    MRI-platform Brains Unlimited from Maastricht University wins the ICT Impact Award. Brains Unlimited was nominated because of the great impact the scanner platform has on society and as part of the digital economy.

  • Rogier Wolf on non-voting certificates


    ICGI research fellow Rogier Wolf published an article in this month's issue of ‘Ondernemingsrecht’. In his contribution, Wolf discusses the position of the holder of non-voting certificates in relation to the circle of stakeholders of a company and their ability to nullify a decision of the board.

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