• ICIS Nicole Rijkens-Klomp

    ICIS-Researcher Nicole Rijkens-Klomp defended her PhD Thesis!


    Nicole Rijkens-Klomp defended her PhD thesis: “Foresight for strategic policies; lessons from local practice”

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Can Asian carbon trading schemes learn from EU case law?


    Professor Marjan Peeters has delivered a presentation to the conference “Lessons from the evaluation of existing Emission Trading Schemes in China, Korea and the European Union for future design”


    HEEC-project meeting


    On June 23 and 24 2016, the 2nd meeting of the research project titled “Energy Efficiency of Households in Cities: A Multi-method Analysis” (the HEEC project) took place at the International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development (ICIS) of Maastricht University.

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