• First two TEFAF Fellowships awarded


    This year, for the first time, two TEFAF Fellowships are awarded to PhD students from GROW (School for Oncology & Developmental Biology). Femke Ehlers and Nicky Beelen will have the opportunity to perform part of their research in the renowned lab of the TEFAF Honorary Chair, Professor Dr. Lisa Coussens at Oregon Health and Science Knight Cancer Center.

  • Lim­burg en Nor­drhein-West­fa­len aan de slag met grens­vraag­stuk­ken

    Limburg and North Rhine-Westphalia working on border issues


    During his meetings, deputy Van den Akker indicated that he would like to establish more cooperation between North Rhine-Westphalia and Limburg in the future.

  • HRH Princess Margriet and the Advisory Board Global Health

    UM welcomes HRH Princess Margriet


    Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet took part in the yearly meeting of the Advisory Board Global Health. This board - which gives advise to the master’s programmes Global Health at UM and at McMaster University Canada - comes together every year, alternately between Maastricht/the Netherlands and Canada.

  • Gerard & Anton Award 2016 for Ferry Schoenmakers, Tom Mulken and René van der Hulst


    Source: E52, 29 July 2016
    The curation of lymphedema:in the medical world it sounds like a desirable goal. But start-up Microsure (Eindhoven - Maastricht) is showing that this is possible with the help of an assistant robot. The developers are Ferry Schoenmakers, Tom Mulken and René van der Hulst.

  • Rusprix Award for Double Degree master UM en Tomsk State University


    The TOMA (Tomsk-Maastricht) Double Master Program (DDP) of Maastricht University and Tomsk State University (Russia) have been awarded the Rusprix Award.

  • Target group Go Search news Search AXA Award for Milena Pavlova


    Milena Pavlova has received the AXA Award of € 250,000 for her overall research achievements. Milena works at the Department of Health Services Research as Associate Professor of Health Economics and was granted the AXA Award for her overall research achievements.

  • Compensatory brain mechanism in patients with Parkinson's disease


    Patients suffering from Parkinson's disease showed no deficits in their ability to recognise emotions, while this ability was expected to be compromised. 

  • Obesity increases risk of pneumonia


    Obese people run a higher risk of developing pneumonia, according to a PhD study conducted by Niki Ubags of Maastricht UMC+.

  • Tumour immunologist Carl Figdor appointed TEFAF Oncology Chair


    On the 17th of March Professor Carl Figdor accepted the TEFAF Oncology Chair, a special professorship for scientists with an exceptional reputation in the field of cancer research. 

  • Discovery sheds new light on heart failure


    As part of her PhD study at Maastricht UMC+, internist-in-training Marieke Rienks discovered that three specific proteins play an important role in heart inflammation.

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