• UM valorisatie 2018

    Valorisation Prize for Theresa Thoma-Lürken


    Theresa Thoma-Lürken heeft tijdens het jaarlijkse Maastricht University Dinner de Valorisatieprijs ontvangen voor haar proefschrift ‘Innovating Long-Term Care for Older People’. Dr. Thoma heeft onderzoek gedaan naar innovaties in de ouderenzorg en specifiek een besluitvormingsondersteunende app ontwikkeld voor wijkverpleegkundigen en casemanagers.

  • Genetische modificatie
  • iKnife

    Helping surgeons and pathologists with the iKnife


    Researchers from the Maastricht M4I institute, led by Prof. Ron Heeren, are key partners in an international consortium that will validate the iKnife.

  • Nieuw BMC

    New phase in new building Animal Research Facility


    Maastricht University (UM) has begun applying for building permits for its new Biomedical Centre (BMC).

  • Carij beumer bees green

    Saxifragelisticexpialidocious! Of gardens green and grey


    If there’s a stranger in your front yard, just standing there, staring – don’t be alarmed. It might just be Carijn Beumer, researching urban domestic green spaces. If it’s not her, you might well have a problem. (And yes, in case you were wondering, urban domestic green spaces are indeed gardens…)

  • rode bietensap

    Beetroot juice is better for footballers than for cyclists


    Nitrate, which is found in beetroot juice, for example, has a positive effect on the performance of trained athletes who primarily require short bursts of energy, such as footballers. For endurance athletes, such as cyclists, nitrate appears to have very little to no effect.

  • Blastocyst-like structures generated solely from stem cells

    Funding for follow-up research into the development of embryos


    With a donation of almost 2.7 million euros from the foundation Stichting De Weijerhorst to Maastricht UMC+, new research is being funded into the still virtually unknown core processes between stem cells and other cells that take place in the embryo and in the interactions with the uterus. The research programme is led by the MERLN institute of Maastricht University.


    GECCO – not preaching but doing sustainability


    GECCO is UCM's sustainability committee and their aim is to provide fellow students with green solutions to everyday problems.

  • teun dekker

    “The only role I can play is myself”


    Teun Dekker, the political philosopher and first professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences Education in Europe, turns every lecture into a performance. The goal: reaching his students. Thursday 31st January he will deliver his inaugural lecture.

  • UM article top downloaded journal articles


    An article of Mayke van Dort PhD at Maastricht University, in 2018 in the series orthopedic magazines in Springer has the most number of downloads, namely more than 43.000.

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