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    Status Comprehensive Cancer Centre for GROW and MUMC+


    The UM research institute GROW and the Maastricht UMC+ Oncology Centre and have together been accredited as a Comprehensive Cancer Centre by the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI).

  • than

    Meet the SBE alumnus on a mission to eliminate extreme poverty


    Inspired by his own life and education, SBE alumnus Thanh Binh Tran created Moonshot Mission, a digital platform with the aim of eliminating extreme poverty by connecting donors with NGOs that utilise proven scientific methods to have the greatest possible impact per Euro invested. In this blog article, Thanh writes about the project and how his experiences at SBE have been influential in his career.

  • HBO Monitor: more stress due to corona pandemic


    The new report based on the HBO Monitor shows that HBO graduates experience more stress in their work than before the corona pandemic. On the other hand, unemployment figures among this group have changed relatively little.

  • Pension fund more green thanks to participants


    Participants in Pensioenfonds Detailhandel want sustainable investments, even if this yields less investment return. This is evident from research by Maastricht University in 2018, and was confirmed during a second study in 2020.  

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    The sense and non-sense of early supplier involvement


    In this blog post, Assistant Professor Robert Suurmond explores the common argument that earlier supplier involvement is an effective approach to new product development. 

  • Corona: some pupils are extra duped by first closure primary schools


    During the first school closure in primary education in the 2019/2020 school year as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, pupils from all backgrounds suffered a delay in learning growth compared to the previous years. However, the delay is greater for some pupils than for other pupils. This is shown by research by scientists at Maastricht University based on the National Cohort Research Education (NCO).

  • VerDus-synthesestudie

    VerDuS-synthesestudie Stedelijke duurzaamheidstransities: energie, klimaat & circulariteit


    Hoe krijgen we burgers betrokken bij de duurzaamheidstransitie? Wanneer komen ze in beweging? Wat voor oplossingen kunnen op brede steun in de samenleving rekenen en hoe vinden we die? Wat betekent zo’n aanpak voor hoe de overheid te werk moet gaan, en welke rollen burgers en ondernemers krijgen? Op welke barrières stuiten duurzame oplossingen bij allerlei instituties en hoe kunnen die weggenomen worden?

    In deze studie proberen Joop de Kraker & René Kemp  (Maastricht Sustainability Institute) antwoord te geven op deze vragen.

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    Melissa Siegel: Creating impact, one YouTube video at a time


    As we move forward to address global challenges, facts and scientific research need to feed community knowledge and play an important role in public decision-making. For this, effective research communication is key! For this article, we spoke about this topic with Professor Melissa Siegel, who is an expert in migration and an avid communicator herself. 

  • Dialysepatient in het ziekenhuis

    Presumed consent for organ donation no guarantee for fewer deaths among organ patients.


    A presumed consent system for organ donation, where you are an organ donor unless you indicate that you do not want to, does not automatically lead to fewer deaths among organ patients. The positive expectations in this regard may need to be adjusted.

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