• A transnational eye-opener on Hungary


    A Global History of Hungary, 1869-2022 is a comprehensive book that presents the country as an open society interacting with other nations, mainly within Europe.

  • Mathieu Segers

    Mathieu Segers key advisor cabinet


    Mathieu Segers has been appointed member of the Scientific Council for Government Policy, an independent advisory body to the Dutch cabinet.

  • Marielle Wijermars
  • amersfoort-second-world-war

    ‘Let's remember people for who they were’


    We often know no more about war victims than their date of death and the way they died. Amanda Kluveld, associate professor at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, is committed to discovering more. She gives a face to victims of war, particularly the Second World War. In archives, she recently came across a number of extraordinary letters dating from this period.

  • Jacob Ward

    Veni grant for Jacob Ward


    Jacob Ward, a researcher at Maastricht University, has been awarded a Veni research grant of up to 280,000 euros by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The Veni grants are for newly graduated excellent researchers, at the beginning of their scientific career and with an exceptional talent for research.

  • museumnacht vrijwilligers

    Student volunteers at work during Museumnacht Maastricht


    Match Maastricht is official partner of Museumnacht Maastricht. They will provide 25 student volunteers, who will work across different venues in the city.

  • How strong is Russia's digital iron curtain?


    Unlike China, Russia cannot rely on a thriving digital ecosystem of its own to replace Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Netflix.

  • Putin's propaganda machine

    The Russian does not see the war


    Terwijl we beelden zien van een gebombardeerd kinderziekenhuis, worden Russen tussen afleveringen van ‘The Masked Singer’ bediend door staatspropaganda die de oorlog presenteert die niet zo mag worden genoemd als een humanitaire reddingsoperatie.

  • Ukraine and Russia meet at a high level in Antalya


    High-level talks are taking place between Ukraine and Russia for the first time since the Russian invasion

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