• Yvonne van der Meer

    “How sustainable is it? That is the question”


    Professor Yvonne van der Meer is investigating how companies can improve the sustainability of their products. She analyses every material, exposing the lifecycle in its entirety.

  • mark_post

    Mark Post's mission: cultured meat


    Mark Post is a man on a mission. The environmental damage caused by livestock farming is far too great and must be dramatically reduced. His contribution? Cultured meat. These days, he’s not just a scientist, but also the director of Mosa Meat, a business that has drawn 75 million Euros in investments. And no, he’s not a vegetarian.

  • Suzan van der Aa

    Vulnerable victims can use all the support they can get


    Sexual harassment in public is becoming a punishable offence. It’s a good idea, says Suzan van der Aa, professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, but one that doesn’t go far enough. “Sexual harassment in the workplace is common too, and usually has a greater impact on the victims.”

  • wellbeing week

    Mindfulness: can we have your full attention?


    Based on five frequently asked questions, Martin van Boxtel, associate professor at the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience and mindfulness trainer, explains what mindfulness is, how it can contribute to your wellbeing and how you become mindful.

  • hilde verbeek

    “Older people like to be in control of their own environment”


    The 37-year-old Hilde Verbeek was appointed on 9 July as professor of Long-Term Care Environments at the Living Lab for Ageing and Long-Term Care Limburg. She may be relatively young, but her research, academic record and vision of care for older people all bear witness to her maturity, erudition and empathy. “Older people want to be at home, not in a home. Home is a feeling, a sense of security, a place that evokes memories. That’s what we have to work towards. I want to change things.”

  • Stool samples as a key to health


    Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo is welcoming a new company this fall: InnerBuddies. This first Maastricht University spin-off is setting up shop at the campus with 27-year-old Jella Theeuwen at the helm as CEO.

  • Fouarge

    More Sergio Herman than Gordon Ramsay


    When it comes to food, Didier Fouarge has a wealth of happy memories. An only child raised in Namur, Belgium, he was used to eating fresh, delicious food from an early age. For this economics professor, cooking is more than a mere hobby.

  • MORSE-header

    A more sustainable economy? Make way for challengers!


    Between climate change, inequality of opportunity, and a global pandemic, our world is facing major challenges. A sustainable and stable economy is desperately needed, argues Mark Sanders, Professor of International Economics at Maastricht University.

  • zintuigen

    More than meets the eye


    Emilie Sitzia has been awarded a prestigious Comenius Leadership Fellowship for a three-year project focused on teaching sensory skills beyond the visual – from hearing to feeling and smelling. Lick this article to increase your likelihood of remembering it.

  • amandaeva.jpg
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