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A master in Maastricht

Why continue studying?

A master's degree offers many advantages. You deepen your knowledge, gain new insights and become an expert in your field. You also develop additional academic and practical skills.

The experience you build up will be a great asset when you start looking for a job. Holding a master's degree significantly enhances your prospects for a better position in the job market. In essence, it's a valuable investment in both your future and personal growth.

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Our Master's programmes - there's plenty of choice

Our university has six faculties and offers a wide range of over 60 master's programmes, each with various specialisations. Delve deeper into what these programmes entail and explore the career prospects and admission requirements.

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More information? Ask our students

Each faculty has student ambassadors available who can provide more information about the master's programmes on offer. Many of them are active on Instagram.

Others can be contacted by email:

 School of Business and Economics (SBE)
 Science and Engineering (FSE)


Or make a personal appointment

Do you have a question that even our student ambassadors can't answer? Our recruiters are ready to assist. Schedule a personal appointment with them online via Zoom or Teams, or fill out the contact form.

Take an online campus tour

If our university is still new to you, you may want to check out this interactive online tour. Watch the video and get a tour of our campus. Choose your own path! Navigate through our faculties to find out whether studying at Maastricht University suits you.

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