• 17 Jun 14:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD Conferral Mrs. Catie Lott, MA

    “Diamonds are a Woman’s Best Friend: Broadening Measures of Women’s Access to Formal Political Decision-Making”

  • 17 Jun 16:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD Conferral Mrs. Ana C. Calderon Ramirez, MSc.

    “Public management reforms: Three stories about public procurement agencification in Latin America”

  • 18 Jun
    Study information

    UCM - Experience Day - June 2019

    During an Experience Day, prospective students get in-depth information from UCM staff members and students about the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme. Current UCM students are present to tell you all there is to know about student life in Maastricht and you will have the opportunity to experience our small-scale interactive education method: Problem-Based Learning (PBL) yourself.

  • 20 Jun 14:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Mrs. Monica T.J. Schütten, MSc.

    “Microvascular effects of aldosterone and salt in Health, obesity and hypertension; consequences for blood pressure and insulin sensitivity”

  • 20 Jun 15:45
    PhD Defence

    PhD Conferral Mr. Camilo N. Carrillo Purin, MSc.

    “Teachers’ in-service training and student achievement: The effect of in-service training of Peruvian teachers on student achievement”

  • 21 Jun 09:00
    - 19:00

    MaCSBio Science Day 2019

    This year's theme of the MaCSBio Science Day is: Biological data integration: challenges and opportunities.

  • 21 Jun 12:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD Conferral Mr. Richard de Groot, MSc.

    “Show Me the Money: Essays on the Impact of Cash Transfers on Child Nutrition and the role of Intra-Household Dynamics”

  • 21 Jun 12:00
    - 13:00

    GROW Lunch Workshop

    "Meet PR & Communication experts, guiding you through important media do’s and don’ts...

  •   2628 Jun 08:30
    - 17:45
    Summer school

    12th Maastricht School on Data Science

    This school is intended for four groups of data-science beginners: students, scientists, engineers, and experts in specific fields who need to apply data-science techniques to their scientific research, business management, or other related applications.

  •   2628 Jun 09:00
    - 18:00


    The Society aims to promote and facilitate the study and applications of objective measurement and quantification of free-living physical behavior(s) and its related constructs (e.g. energy expenditure, context) using wearable devices. 

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