•   1519 Jan
  •   1819 Jan 13:30
    - 13:00

    Recalibrating executive-legislative relations in the European Union

    A workshop on recalibrating executive-legislative relations in the European Union at the Maastricht University Campus Brussels.

  • 19 Jan 11:00
    - 17:00

    Onderwijsdag 2018

    Landelijke Onderwijsdag Nederlandse Juridische Faculteiten, in samenwerking met de Open Universiteit. 

  • 19 Jan 12:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Mr Konstantinos Theodorou, MSc.

    “Disarray at the membrane; regulation of vascular inflammation by cholesterol and proteases”

  • 19 Jan 14:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Ms Noreen van der Linden, MSc.

    “Cardiac troponins: State of the (He)Art; towards optimization of interpretation”

  • 19 Jan 16:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Mr Tim S. Oosterwijk, MSc.

    “Approximation Algorithms in Allocation, Scheduling and Pricing”

  • 21 Jan 13:00

    Zweit Veur Leid: running event

    Get the year off to an active start & Join the UM team in the local charity run

  • 22 Jan 09:00
    - 17:30

    Collaborative project workshop on Trust in Trade

    The workshop takes place in the context of the current rise of economic nationalism and unilateralism in trade, which signals an erosion of trust in international trade and the rules that govern it. Trust in the international economic law regime is crucial for stakeholders (such as states, traders and civil society) to be willing to accept the risks inherent in international economic relations and engage collaboratively in the field of trade. This trust is under pressure, as is evident from Brexit and the Trump administrations’ unilateral trade policies. The erosion of trust creates challenges for law making, law reform, and the implementation and enforcement of law governing international economic relations.

  • 22 Jan
    Study information

    Master's Sessions for FHML bachelor's

    What's your next challenge after you finished your bachelor’s?
    Are you a third-year bachelor's student at FHML, and are you still unsure which master's programme fits you best? Then we invite you to our Master's Sessions on Monday, 22 January 2018 from 17.30h - 20.00h.

  • 23 Jan 20:00

    The Europeanization of Holocaust Memory?

    Studium Generale - Holocaust Memorial Lecture
    The Jewish Catastrophe in German and East European Memory Cultures
    Ferenc Laczó, PhD
    Assistant Professor in European History, UM


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