1923 Oct 2020

Constitutional Challenges in the Field of Financial Regulation (webinar)

Over the past ten years, financial regulation within the European Union (EU) has undergone dramatic changes. This trend started in 2010 with - inter alia - the creation of the European System of Financial Stability, and consolidated in 2013 with the creation of the European Banking Union. Reforms in both the European Banking Union and the Economic and Monetary Union are still underway, and their urgency has only been made more pressing by the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting economic downturn.

Against this background, this workshop aims at providing an analysis of recent and on-going developments from the perspectives of multilevel (administrative) cooperation, that is the cooperation between national and European authorities, and the use of soft law in this policy area. 


Monday 19 October: 12.00-2pm CET  
Opening of the workshop  
Panel 1: EMU and mutilevel (administrative) cooperation (1)  
Chair: Aneta Spenzharova (Maastricht University)  
David Baez (ECB): National and European auditors in the EBU  
Phedon Nicolaides (Maastricht University): State aid regime post-Banking Union  
Discussant: Jan Inghelram (Court of Justice) and Marcel Magnus (European Parliament)  
Tuesday 20 October: 12.30-2pm CET  
Panel 2: EMU and multilevel (administrative) cooperation (2)  
Chair: Kathryn Wright (University of York)  
Diane Fromage (Sciences Po Paris): EMU, multilevel administrative cooperation and participation in global financial forums  
Paul Dermine (EUI): The instruments of Eurozone fiscal surveillance through the lens if the soft law/hard law dichotomy - Looking for a new paradigm  
Discussant: Gabriele Giudice (European Commission)   
Wednesday 21 October: 1-1.50pm CET  
Panel 3: Banking Union and multilevel (administrative) cooperation  
Chair: Mariolina Eliantonio (Maastricht University)  
Marijn van der Sluis (Maastricht University): Re-evaluating the ESCB and the standing of national central bank post-crisis  
Discussants: Diego Valiante (European Commission)  
Friday 23 October: 12.00-2pm CET  
Panel 4: EMU and EBU - looking ahead  
Chair: Diane Fromage (Sciences Po Paris)  
Agnieszka Smolenska (EUI): Multilevel cooperation within the SRM after two non-euro area Member States join the EBU  
Gianni Lo Schiavo (ECB): Multilevel cooperation in the SSM and in the fight against anti-money laundering compared  
Discussant: Jakub Kerlin (SRB) and Endija Springe (EBA)  
Concluding remarks by Diane Fromage (Sciences Po Paris), Mariolina Eliantonio (Maastricht University) and Kathryn Wright (University of York)