Charles Eyck documentation collection

In 1996, collector, journalist and publicist Wim Aerts offered a collection of memorabilia from the Limburg painter Charles Eyck to Van Gendt Book autioneers. Maastricht University bought the entire collection, and in the years that followed, added some smaller purchases and gifts.


Aerts and Eyck had developed a friendship, reflected by their voluminous correspondence between 1977 and 1983. The library collection contains the letters that Eyck sent. This documentation collection is only available in Dutch.

The letters sent by Aerts are still in the Charles Eyck archives, managed by his son Ragnar. As Eyck came to regard Aerts as his future biographer, the correspondence contains much biographical data and opinions on almost all aspects of the artist’s life and work.

Although the collection is incomplete in many respects, it paints a clear picture of Eyck’s development as a person and an artist with all his high and low points. Particularly in his correspondence with friends he is unreserved in describing his feelings and experiences.


Besides written material, the collection contains many pictures, many of these taken by Eyck himself. He took pictures as a source of inspiration, created photomontages for large canvases and used photos as mnemonic devices in addition to sketches and scrawls. This gives us some understanding of how much of his work was created.

The entire collection stretches approximately eight metres and has been made accessible through a classical archive inventory  (website in Dutch).

Consulting copies

This collection is not available for loan. You can consult all of the documents in the precious works study room at the inner city location.