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    Repasi vs Plaumann - An Individual MEP’s standing before the EU Courts

    27 October 2022
    On 10 October 2022 MEP René Repasi lodged an action for annulment against the complementary taxonomy delegated regulation 2022/1214 . The same regulation is also challenged by Austria , a privileged applicant under Article 263 TFEU. As a result, the General Court will in any event be required to verify whether the Commission has respected the limits to its delegated powers under Article 290 TFEU.
  • law_migration_blog_aron_bosman

    The EU’s race to the bottom on asylum seekers’ rights

    21 October 2022
    Throughout the EU, the rights of asylum seekers come under pressure. Overdue policy changes remain stuck in negotiations because of lacking political will. It is up to the European Commission to step up and protect the fundamental rights of asylum seekers.
  • law_blog_dutch_deal_with_their_colonial_past

    How do the Dutch deal with their colonial past?

    17 October 2022
    The debate on the implications of Dutch colonial rule in Indonesia recently intensified after a report concluded that the Dutch forces had used extreme violence. Reactions to the report reveal that the issue remains controversial and challenging to discuss. The findings in the report do however raise many legal questions that so far have remained unaddressed. There is thus an important role for legal scholars to move the discussion forward.
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    Why banning Russian tourists from Schengen might not be unlawful

    11 October 2022
    Recently, politicians in different EU countries have suggested barring Russian tourists from visiting the EU (see reporting here and here ). Such a ban would be in retaliation for the war waged by Russia against Ukraine. From a legal perspective, these suggestions raise the interesting question whether such a blanket ban would be lawful. A recent post for Verfassungsblog makes the claim that a ban would simply be unlawful.
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