Extensive academic expertise at Maastricht University's School of Business and Economics in the fields of conflict and cooperation is reflected in our teaching. Members of the CoCo research theme are involved in the following courses.

    Bachelor's programmes

    • Auctions and Electronic Markets (EBC2091)
    • Game Theory and Economics (EBC2110)
    • Industrial Organization (EBC2005)
    • Microeconomics: Choices, Markets and Welfare (EBC2010)
    • Organizational Behaviour (EBC2048)
    • Strategy (EBC1017)
    • Thinking Strategically (EBC2082)

    Master's programmes

    • Game Theory and Optimization (EBC4188)
    • International Competitive Analysis and Strategy (EBC4044)
    • Leadership (EBC4042)
    • Organizational Change and Consultancy (EBC4047)
    • Social Choice Theory (EBC4005)

    • Equilibrium Theory and Financial Markets (EBC4009)

    Research master's programmes / PhD education

    • Advanced Research in Organisations (EBC4139)
    • Empirical Analysis II (EBC4134)
    • Industrial Organization and Public Economics (EBC4148)