Faculty of Science and Engineering

04 Jul
  • inaugural lectures & valedictory lectures

Inaugural lecture Prof. dr. Kim Ragaert

"Plastics, people and power"

04 Jul

"Advancing Polyolefin Film Recycling: Unveiling Insights from Composition to Processability and Performance"

01 Jul

"Quantifying Metabolic Health from High-Dimensional Post-Meal Dynamic"

FACILEX Online Workshop July 2024
08 Jul

This online workshop is conducted within the framework of the international research project "Facilitating mutual recognition: Analytics and Capacity building Information Legal eXplainable tool to strengthen cooperation in the criminal matter - FACILEX) of the Justice Program of the European Union (JUST-2022-JCOO). 

Quantum Computers

Atoms and smaller elementary particles behave in unusual, sometimes unpredictable ways.

Gerco Onderwater
Featured Researchers

How does the universe taste?

Gerco Onderwater investigates the flavour of the universe while guarding the flavour of the Maastricht Science Program

Logo met de tekst MOQUP-R

The perfect recycling of plastics from household waste is one step closer, thanks to research into quality monitoring at all stages

18 Jun

"Feature Representation Learning for Human Activity Recognition"

Campus Venlo - ©Wim Vriezen

Over the next four years, four young researchers can start research into crop biotechnology and engineering, thanks to the collabor

MaCSBio Science Day 2024
21 Jun

It is our pleasure to invite you to our MaCSBio Science Day 2024. The theme of this year’s science event is: Creating optimal models: constraints and opportunities.