• Deep brain stimulation also effective for memory loss


    Deep brain stimulation or DBS has been shown to be effective in treating memory loss, at least this appears to be the case in rats. 

  • New MRI techniques improve selection process for organ-sparing treatment of rectal cancer


    Thanks to relatively new MRI techniques, patients with rectal cancer may benefit from an improved selection process for organ-sparing treatment. These techniques were also used to determine whether this treatment offers a safe alternative to standard surgical procedures for patients with rectal cancer.

  • Three UM researchers in ESB's Dutch Economists Top 40


    Three researchers from Maastricht University have been ranked in the Dutch Economists Top 40 by the Dutch professional journal Economisch Statistische Berichten  (ESB). Nils Kok, assistant professor specialising in real estate financing and founder of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), was ranked eighth. 

  • Staff Mobility within Erasmus+


    The Erasmus+ programme for staff mobility for training aims to support the professional development of teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences or workshops) and job-shadowing, observation periods, training at a partner institution or at another relevant organisation abroad. 

  • Marketing-Finance Student wins AFM Thesis Award 2015


    Marketing-Finance student Edo Heijnen has won the very prestigious 2015 AFM Thesis Award. His work was titled "Student Loans and Spending Behavior" and was supervised by Dr. Arvid Hoffmann.

  • Collective Health insurance CZ remains


    The collective health care insurance contract with CZ will be continued for the year 2016.

  • COLA project receives financial support from WUN Research Development Fund 2015



    Dr Mindel van de Laar (UNU-MERIT) received a financial contribution from the WUN Research Development Fund for the Community of Learning for Africa (COLA) project. 

  • Vigjilenca Abazi defends doctoral thesis



    On 11 December 2015, Vigjilenca Abazi successfully defended her doctoral thesis entitled ‘Secrecy and Oversight in the European Union: The Law and Practice of Classified Information’ conducted at University of Amsterdam under the promotion of Professor Deirdre Curtin. 

  • Glass house in Heerlen visited by UM staff


    Enkele medewerkers hebben op zondag 20 december het Glazen Huis in Heerlen bezocht om € 10.000,- te overhandigen aan Serious Request.

  • High-quality research on colon cancer in South Limburg


    South Limburg carries out high-quality research on colon cancer thanks largely to the strict quality standards that gastroenterologists must comply with. This was one of the conclusions of a study conducted by Chantal le Clercq, research assistant at Maastricht UMC+, on improving exploratory research on colon cancer. 

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