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  • ITEM jaarconferentie

    ITEM anniversary conference 'Building cross-border cooperation' a success


    On 21 and 22 November, the fifth annual conference, so an anniversary edition, of ITEM took place in the Province of Overijssel. Policy makers, politicians and scientists came together in Enschede to build cross-border cooperation.

  • 'Free imperial Lordships' in Limburg (1500-1800): deconstruction of a myth


    PhD thesis written by Harry Weinberg. 
    The area on both sides of the Meuse river covered by the present Dutch and Belgian provinces called Limburg was characterised by a significant degree of territorial fragmentation in the early modern period. This study focuses on the constitutional status of these so-called 'free imperial lordships' in relation to the Holy Roman Empire as a political entity and in relation to the territorial lordships.

  • ITEM rapport

    New civil servants law increases uncertainty for cross-border workers


    From 1 January 2020, a new Dutch law regarding the legal status of civil servants can prevent certain employees of Dutch universities from working at home. In a change from the current situation, from January on it matters to cross-border workers how much time they work in the office or from home.

  • kaft item 2019

    ITEM illustrates again the need for proper assessment of border-effects of national legislation


    The ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2019 has been published. With its annual Cross-Border Impact Assessment, the Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross-border cooperation and Mobility / ITEM provides more insight into European and national legislative and policy initiatives and its border-effects.

  • Grensoverschijdende kwalificatieproblematiek: tussen sociale zekerheid en aanvullend pensioen


    PhD thesis written by Bastiaan Didden. 
    Bastiaan, PhD candidate in tax law, looked into how the EU borders affect pensions, social security and taxes when working across a border. He has found out that there are quite some uncertainties when it comes to these subjects. This is because the EU-member states are in large part independent concerning their taxes, pensions and social security rules. 

  • cranach

    A unique case of looted art


    It started with an international phone call from the lawyers of the Norton Simon Museum in California. Not long after that, assistant professor Lars van Vliet served as an expert witness in a important court case. The stakes: a diptych by Lucas Cranach the Elder, which the heiress of the Jewish art dealer Jacques Goudstikker claimed had been looted. After a court case lasting 12 years, she came away empty-handed – partly due to the research of Lars van Vliet.

  • europe-map

    Working on the other side of the border: a bureaucratic maze


    The free movement of workers is an important idea that the EU is built upon. Maastricht University researcher Bastiaan Didden, studied how the free movement of workers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany works in practice. He looked into how the EU borders affect pensions, social security and taxes when working across a border.

  • LAW_THE LAW Ranking 2020

    UM Faculty of Law ranks among 40 best law faculties in Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for LAW


    After entering the top 50 in the THE Law ranking last year, our faculty progressed considerably and climbed from the 46th to the 40th place. Of all Dutch law faculties, only Maastricht, Leiden, Amsterdam and Utrecht were able to reach the top 40 of this prestigious ranking. Our faculty also rises in the ranking of European law faculties from place 16 in 2019 to place 9 in 2020.

  • bag briefcase passport

    ITEM researcher co-authors WODC study on migration of asylum permit holders


    On Thursday 10 October, a report concerning migration of asylum permission holders was published by the Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Security and Justice (WODC) and Statistics Netherlands (CBS). This report is co-authored by Marloes de Hoon, a PhD candidate who is conducting research into mobility of refugees under the umbrella of the Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility (ITEM) at Maastricht University and affiliated to Statistics Netherlands. The report is co-authored with Arjen Leerkes, professor at Maastricht University and research fellow at WODC.

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