• Teun Dekker - Seven Democratic Virtues of Liberal Education

    Today’s student is the democratic citizen of the future


    UCM Professor Teun Dekker has written a book on how we can best educate our students so that they can later participate as full, democratic citizens in solving the problems in our society.

  • The lifecycle of SARS-CoV-2


    What happens if a SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus enters your lung? This molecular animation visualises how the virus particle can take over the host cell and turns it into a virus factory. Eventually, the host cell produces so many viral particles that it dies and releases numerous new virus particles.

  • Energy transition in border regions hindered by lack of coordination


    A lack of coordinated arrangements between neighbouring countries is making it extremely difficult to realise a successful energy transition in the German-Dutch border regions. These are the findings of the annual Cross-border Impact Assessment by the ITEM expertise centre (part of Maastricht University). 

  • Jiaru Zheng

    “I want to make girls like me stronger”


    The first paper ever written by Jiaru Zheng, a second-year bachelor’s student in Digital Society, was published as a journal article. The paper focused on the pop music album 3811, in which singer Tan Weiwei advocates for the status of women in China.

  • studio_europa

    Ambitious agora - where Europe meets


    Working on Europe Academy is the name of an annual lecture series offered by Young Universities for the Future of Europe and Studio Europa. The discussion and debate that follows these free and easily accessible lectures allows students and citizens to explore relevant issues surrounding the European project – and hopefully discover their role in shaping its future.

  • Giselle 1

    Sorting through democracy’s arsenal


    From polarisation, misinformation and populists at home to geopolitical pressure from abroad: European democracy is feeling the strain. In an effort to uphold and expand one of its core values, the EU is financing a research project on the promotion of democracy. Professor Giselle Bosse, an Eastern Europe expert at FASoS, leads the work package ‘Democratisation and economic modernisation in authoritarian and hybrid regimes.’

  • Master’s Open Day: "A good pitch from the university"


    Around 1100 prospective master's students visited Maastricht University's six faculties last Saturday during the open day held twice a year. They came to experience the atmosphere and learn more about the master's programmes, problem-based education, the UM buildings and the good life in Maastricht.

  • welcome

    Welcome Maria Breskaya - our new external PhD student


    Maria Breskaya recently joined M-EPLI as an external PhD student. Maria will carry out research on smart contracts and their relationship to the traditional legal notion of contract. The research is supervised by Professor Jan Smits and dr. Caroline Cauffman.

  • welcome

    Welcome dr. Francesco Zappatore as a visiting researcher


    After completing his Ph.D. on 31 March 2022, defending his dissertation on the theme of punitive damages from a comparative perspective at the University of Foggia Law School that was written under the guidance of his mentor, Professor Francesco Astone, he soon had the opportunity to start a post-doc researcher position in private law.

  • MaastrichtMBA

    MaastrichtMBA retains topspot in Better World MBA Ranking


    MaastrichtMBA retains topspot in Better World MBA Ranking

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