1 Feb 2018
UM Star Lecture in London

Which rights for EU citizens in a post-Brexit United Kingdom?

In the current negotiations between the UK government and the European Union about the conditions for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, one of the central questions is how to protect the existing rights of EU citizens residing in the UK (and vice-versa of the UK citizens living in other EU countries). Today, EU law guarantees their right to equal treatment for most purposes, and in particular their unhindered access to employed and self-employed professional activity. The lecture will discuss whether and how these rights could be maintained after Brexit and guaranteed also for the future.

About the speaker

Bruno de Witte

Bruno de Witte is Professor of European Union Law at Maastricht University, co-director of the Maastricht Centre for European Law, and also a part-time professor of Law at the European University Institute in Florence. His main fields of research and publications are: Constitutional change in the European Union; relations between international, European and national law; protection of fundamental rights in Europe; the rights of minorities, language law and cultural diversity in Europe; internal market law and non-market values; decision-making and legal instruments of EU law.