Ankita Das (A.)

Ankita is a PhD researcher focusing on Circular Business Model Experimentation. Her research falls under the larger European Research Council (ERC) funded Circular-X project at Maastricht Sustainability Institute. Her current research focus is on circular business model experimentation i.e. how can companies practically come up with strategies to shift their business models to more sustainable ones?


Ankita is originally from Odisha, India, but has lived and worked in Budapest, Greece, Sweden and Jerusalem. She started her academic career with a background in Natural Sciences a BSc. in Zoology & Biochemistry the University of Mumbai. She moved to Europe in 2017 to pursue an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s in Environmental Sciences, Policy & Management. During which she studied the practical applications of sustainability practices, through travelling and studying between three Universities in Sweden, Budapest and Greece (Lund University, Central European University & University of the Aegean). Her Master's thesis was on studying the hidden human costs, in terms of changing jobs, of the ongoing renewable energy transition in India.

She is now interested in investigating how the private sector can practically change to be more sustainable through strategic business model experimentation.