D. Claessens

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Trained to be a physician and a clinical researcher I am currently working as a PhD in the 'eManager chronic conditions' project. 

Part of this project is the Assessment of Burden of Chronic Conditions (ABCC). In short: the ABCC-tool measures and visualises the experienced burden for patients with chronic conditions.  It's goal is to facilitate the conversation between patient and healthcare provider, and focus on the actually experienced burden by means of personalised care plans. 

But what about the caregiver? How do they experience working with the ABCC? How does this meet their everyday practice? Using implementation science, we will evaluate caregivers' experiences in working with the ABCC-tool, through context- and processevaluation. 

Got interested? Visit http://www.ziektelastmeter.nl, or send an e-mail to danny.claessens@maastrichtuniversity.nl