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  • Can comedians inspire themselves and copy each other?

    Can comedians inspire themselves and copy each other?

    6 June 2019
    IGIR in Law
    Copyright protection in various artistic fields is already recognized and respected, however in comedy and stand-up performances, the question remains as to whether a comedian can be inspired by another comedian by appropriating and translating a part of his sketch.
  • Gustavo Arosamena blog human rights and social rights

    To rescue human rights from management

    4 June 2019
    I wrote my PhD towards the last days of the debate over “social rights”. This debate harkens back to the fifties , when the International Covenant on Social and Cultural Rights was being negotiated. Some claimed that social rights could never be true rights. Others claimed that without social rights human rights where an empty joke. I took a position in the latter camp.
  • Regulation and privacy blog Paolo Balboni

    Call for global agreement on data protection

    3 June 2019
    Balboni in Law
    I think that today is a good day to ask the future Members of the European Parliament and American Presidential Candidates to think about a global dimension of data protection and to commit themselves to develop international legislative instruments that have the power to truly enable world-wide digital citizenship.
  • the art of claim drafting

    The art of claim drafting when protecting AI systems

    28 May 2019
    IGIR in Law
    With AI’s recent breakthrough in machine learning, now more than ever inventors are looking for ways to protect AI systems. But obtaining patent protection depends on the right claims.
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