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    Not crossing the border: recommendation or ban?

    16 April 2020
    During the Easter weekend there was a lack of clarity about what the rules are at the German-Dutch border. What is actually still allowed when it comes to travelling from the Netherlands to Germany and vice versa? Both the government in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and in the Netherlands have communicated recommendations not to enter the country at Easter. Dear tourists: stay away! That sounded like good advice. Or was it a ban? That makes quite a difference. But it wasn't clear from the communication from both governments which of the two, advice or ban, was...
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    Border perils and the Hofstede dimensions

    2 April 2020
    Cörvers in SBE, Law
    During my lunch break or in the evening, it is a pleasure to take a walk and visit the border crossing, because I want to know how our southern neighbours have cordoned off the border. The Dutch-Belgian border is about 300 meters away from me. Only recently I realised that my father once guarded that border, as a member of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee in the sixties. As a result of European unification, the border became gradually less visible, until the coronavirus struck. Without a vignette for commuting you are no longer allowed to cross the main roads...
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    The closing of national borders within the EU is a reflex and not the most effective instrument for health protection

    27 March 2020
    Cross-border non-coordination Yesterday I was in Maastricht at the Belgian border which is no more than 1 km behind my house. I wanted to see it with my own eyes: the border was closed. The Belgian government has put up barriers to prevent us from entering their country. For five years we at ITEM have been working to reduce the existing legal and fiscal problems in our cross-border Euregion. And now the border is closed. The road is closed. This is of course the opposite of successful Euregional integration.
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    Working from home: not a self-evident matter for frontier workers

    19 March 2020
    With the prevailing Coronavirus (COVID-19) it is recommended to work from home as much as possible. For frontier workers, however, working from home can be disadvantageous. This is because they then work in another country from one day to the next. International and European rules on the coordination of tax and social security rules in cross-border work may be affected by working from home. This creates a great deal of uncertainty for both employees and employers. Because working from home is becoming more and more self-evident for many professions, the Dutch...
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