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  • Global Citizenship Education | Blog 1 | Ben Farochmanesch

    1 July 2020
    in General
    As I step out of the station, a drizzle is falling from the grey and cloudy sky. I wrap the thick black woollen scarf slightly tighter around my head. Having to cross the Sint Servaasbridge means being subject to the whims of winter winds which travel over the river Maas. How often have I there not almost lost my umbrella to the strong air?
  • Blog Artificial-intelligence and trademarks

    Are AIs the consumers of the future?

    26 July 2019
    in Law
    AIs are currently reversing the roots of the retail industry which was mainly based on a reactive model. Instead, based on their predictions, the model is changing and consumers are being highly influenced by AIs at any stage of the purchasing process. Does this challenge the roots of trademark law?
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