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  • brexit blog Martin Paul

    European academia pays the price for Brexit

    11 January 2021
    Almost 20 years ago, in 2002, I had the honour to give one of the “William Harvey lectures” at the University of Padua, celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Englishman’s graduation with a degree in medicine from the famous Italian university.
  • blog beatriz_nascimento girl

    Digital Influencers: selling products or selling body dysmorphia?

    16 December 2020
    The disturbances social media has been causing to its users’ mental health cannot be ignored. It is of extreme importance that the private and public spheres work together to protect consumers from the unfeasible search for perfection.
  • law_corona-blog_anne_pieter

    Contract law in times of corona and other sanitary crises

    7 December 2020
    The yearly Ius Commune conference, this year held online on 26 November 2020, traditionally includes a contract law workshop. This year the theme of the workshop was “Contract law in times of corona and other sanitary crises”. Five researchers presented recent work dealing with subthemes.
  • Roundtable

    Property Law in times of crisis, what happens next?

    3 December 2020
    MEPLI in Law
    Every year in November, one of the Faculties that forms part of the Ius Commune Research School organises the annual Ius Commune Conference. In this context, a selection of plenary sessions and workshops are held, which allow panellists to present their research and discuss topics closely related to the School’s fields of research. On the 26th and 27th of November, Maastricht University had the honour of hosting (online) the Ius Commune Conference 2020, which included the Property Law Workshop held on a Friday afternoon.