Latest blog articles by Marjan Peeters

  • Providing a voice to the upcoming generation facing the challenges of environmental law

    23 September 2022
    Today it has become impossible for one single person to master the whole field of environmental law, given its complexity and dynamic developments. Indeed, with the increasing manifestation of environmental crisis, law, being a powerful tool to address polluting behaviour, has become utterly complex.
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    Dare to be a leader: do not take that next flight

    27 May 2021
    Maastricht University is proud of its international character, and I am too. It is the most international university in (the small country) the Netherlands. Its teaching and research programs touch upon many European and global issues. Given this profile, travelling by staff and students was common behaviour before the pandemic broke out.
  • Only 29 years to go - The challenging path towards climate neutrality in 2050

    18 January 2021
    Dear reader, welcome to the New Year 2021: a year with hopefully many opportunities and a less bizarre reality. However, while coping with Covid-19, there is already a need to take a long-term perspective: how to reach the aim of a climate neutral European Union in the year 2050. That is only 29 years from now, and the path towards it has yet to be charted with more precision…
  • Academic air travel emissions: in search of climate friendly behaviour by both staff and students

    28 February 2020
    All organizations and companies that make use of air travel face the same question: in what way will they take responsibility for the use of this type of transportation? This responsibility can take shape in different measures such as the use of electronic communication services that reduce the necessity of traveling, or by taking the train for relatively short distance travelling. The most sensitive approach seems to be to choose for compensating the emissions caused by flights with greenhouse gas-emission credits produced elsewhere. If staff and students will...