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  • Blog over Jugoslavia tribunal

    Convincing the people of international criminal courts: what can outreach really achieve?

    5 February 2019
    Recent scholarship has suggested that cognitive biases shape the processing of any information about mass atrocities, essentially pushing individuals (at an unconscious level) to believe what they want to believe and reason about the ICTY and its work in a way that is most protective of their own sense of identity.
  • Eksodi kukes_former Yugoslavia

    Larger than life

    11 January 2018
    On 21 December the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) held its official closing ceremony. The Tribunal is thereby a thing of the past. But it lives on in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, first and foremost in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), but also in Serbia and Croatia. In their legal systems, the Tribunal left clear traces.
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