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    To rescue human rights from management

    4 June 2019
    I wrote my PhD towards the last days of the debate over “social rights”. This debate harkens back to the fifties , when the International Covenant on Social and Cultural Rights was being negotiated. Some claimed that social rights could never be true rights. Others claimed that without social rights human rights where an empty joke. I took a position in the latter camp.
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    Four concerns on the basic income (from a human rights perspective)

    6 July 2018
    In this entry I want to mention four considerations that suggest that human rights lawyers should be cautious in embracing basic income as a replacement for human rights. These reflections should be seen as merely exploratory. The basic income in full has never been put in practice, and consequently, it is hard to know exactly what it will entail.
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    The basic income and human rights

    5 June 2018
    To speak of economic justice today is to speak of the basic income. A basic income can be defined as an unconditional cash payment to all persons who form part of a political community. As automation increases, there is fear that labor will be replaced by “robots”. The basic income seems to be a solution to the resultant unemployment.

    Is health care a human right?

    1 December 2017
    Trevor Burrus claims that health care cannot be a fundamental right. He is not alone in saying this, but the way he says it is noteworthy. His article is not original (nor does it claim to be), but it represents an admirably clear retelling of an old story: Positive rights cannot be rights, this is simply a point of logic. Those who think otherwise are at best confused.
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