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  • law_brain-building_a_second_brain_bram_akkermans

    The technique of academic research: on research lines and second brains

    14 September 2022
    An important part of becoming a fully-fledged academic is the development and curation of a research line. A research line is the main research topic and the thread throughout (large parts of) a career. It could be law and technology in private law, globalisation in public law, human rights in criminal law, sustainability, or anything else.
  • SD goals_development_MLR

    Sustainability and private law?

    8 February 2018
    The biggest challenge of the 21 st century is undoubtedly the question of how to tackle the effects of a rising population, expanding industrialisation and growing environmental degradation. Apart from an ever complex world, there are externalities that are the result of the way humankind has been treating its planet in the last centuries. The rules of private law play an instrumental role in this.
  • Max Verstappen 2016 Malaysia

    Road traffic and other liability in Formula 1?

    11 October 2017
    If one formula one car hits another, and one of the parties is to blame, does that create liability to pay for the repairs of the other?
  • timmermans

    Introducing: Commissioner Designate Timmerman’s common-sense test

    8 October 2016
    In his written answers to the European Parliament as well as orally during the hearing to establish his suitability to become first Vice-President of the European Commission, Commissioner Designate Frans Timmermans promises to ensure a common-sense test for all future legislation. I offer some legal reflections on this idea.