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    Could Microinsurance Achieve “Jing Shi Ji Min” with Government Interventions? Evidence from China

    17 February 2021
    Written by Yu Yan & Michael Faure. The Chinese word “economy” is originated from a famous idiom called “经世济民” (jing shi ji min), which suggests that a prosperous society is not only about economic success but also about the financial well-being of the general population. Microinsurance (the commercially available insurance that is designed to insure low-income groups against a variety of risks) is a perfect case that reflects this concept. It strikes a balance between a social-driven outcome and a sustainable business model.
  • US Navy board a plane to deploy to the 5th fleet area of responsibility_in_support_of_the_global_war_on_terrorism

    Can families of ISIS-victims sue twitter?

    19 January 2017
    Recently it was brought in the news that families of Americans killed by ISIS in Belgium and France sued twitter for allegedly failing to keep members of the terrorist organisation of its platform. Lawsuits concerning American victims who were killed in Europe raise a number of interesting and legal questions.
  • Fukushima_Nuclear operators

    Nuclear operators should pay for nuclear accidents!

    3 January 2017
    Nuclear accidents such as the one in Fukushima; or potential nuclear incidents/accidents in Belgium nuclear plants such as the one close to Maastricht in Tihange. One of the questions that always arises in the context of a nuclear accident of the Fukushima type is why nuclear operators are largely protected as a result of outdated international conventions that seriously limit their exposure to liability. Those conventions, but also many national legislations, in fact provide a hidden subsidy to the nuclear industry as a result of which they only pay for a small...
  • Security industry liable for terrorism-related risk_law

    Holding the security industry liable for terrorism-related risk difficult

    13 December 2016
    Published on LBM . As the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11 has shown, terrorism can lead to large-scale damage, massive property damage, thousands of cases of personal injury, pain and suffering and enormous consequential damage, including billions in lost profits. Can the security industry be liable?