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  • holy_grail_tapestry_the_failure_of_sir_launcelot

    Let’s give the emperor some (real) clothes!

    19 January 2018
    The oft-lauded flexibility of the ‘constitution’ arguably make the UK a potentially unstable and unreliable negotiating partner: there will, for example, be no entrenched or judicially enforceable domestic legal principle that will prevent Parliament from reneging on whatever agreement, if any, the EU and the UK reach on the latter’s withdrawal.
  • Vietnamese trade

    Geographical indications in EU-Vietnam FTA: beyond quality control

    17 January 2018
    Concluded at the end of 2015, the European Union-Vietnam FTA (EVFTA) has marked a successive breakthrough for the EU in exporting its long-standing sui generis protection of geographical indications (GIs). With respect to the scope of protection, the GI chapter in EVFTA has introduced a peculiar rule that arguably touches upon the quality control of GI-denominated products.
  • Anthony Gormley_legal craftmanship_fly-angel_

    Dean’s blog episode 2: legal craftsmanship ≠ master of law

    15 January 2018
    Jan Smits in Law
    Legal craftsmanship is no longer the same as being a master of law. One of the challenges we face as a faculty, is how to design our teaching in such a way that our graduates have the skills to work until 2068.
  • MSP - Blog - Gideon Koekoek

    That stellar moment...

    12 January 2018
    Do you recall that one moment that your life changed forever? Say, the moment you sat down in a train seat and found yourself sitting next to your future wife or husband, or when you watched that one singer and fell headfirst in your lifelong for music, or maybe that moment you won the lottery and instantly became a millionaire? I do remember mine.
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