Lectures for alumni in 13 cities and 4 countries

UM Star Lectures 2018

I am proud to announce next year's UM Star Lectures: a lecture series that, since its introduction, has come to be a highlight of the year for our alumni community.

While our 65,000 alumni have branched out to cities across the world, they remain connected through the bond with their Alma Mater. I am pleased to see so many alumni actively contributing to the growth of their former university, whether it’s by offering guidance and inspiration to current students, promoting the university abroad, providing assistance in the development of our programmes, or in any other way. At UM, we feel it is vital to continue to foster and facilitate this enormously diverse and international network.

Through the UM Star Lectures (1 February), we hope to inspire our alumni by providing an opportunity to hear professors shed scientific light on topical issues. We want to join the alumni in reliving good memories while stimulating the exchange of experience and knowledge. This lecture series, which will take place for the fourth time in 2018, draws many hundreds of attendees each year – both recent graduates and older alumni – and sparks fascinating discussions that, along with a good measure of nostalgia and remarkable encounters, ensure the evening will be memorable.

Prof. dr. Martin Paul
President Maastricht University

Video: fascinating discussions, nostalgia and remarkable encounters