Start of the Católica Medical School in Portugal in September 2021

In 2018 SHE Collaborates started a collaboration with Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP), with the aim of establishing a Medical School. The 6-year student-centered medical programme that Católica Medical School will implement is a copy of the International Track in Medicine curriculum at Maastricht University, with adaptations to comply with the specific Portuguese context. The past 3 years SHE Collaborates contributed to the capacity development of UCP staff to assure the quality of this new medical programme.

At the UCP online Open Day on March 10, many Portuguese and International potential students showed their interest in this new 6-year medical programme with integrated functional modules powered by the relevant medical disciplines and different student-centered teaching methods and early focus on skills training. The selection process, including multiple mini-interviews, is innovative in Portugal. On September 13 the UCP Medical School will open its doors and welcome the first 50 students. Watch the video of Católica Medical School here