Information on Club Pellikaan exam location


Flycatcher’s annual student monitor showed that some students are unhappy with Club Pellikaan as an exam location, particularly with a view to its accessibility and its toilet facilities. UM takes the results of the student monitor very seriously and, where possible, seeks to achieve complete satisfaction among all its students on exam facilities. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you why this location was chosen and what measures UM will be taking to address the concerns voiced through the student monitor.

Why Club Pellikaan?
As UM does not have a large exam location of its own, it uses the MECC for large-scale exams. Outside of regular exam weeks, however, the MECC is not available when large-scale fairs and events are taking place, being set up or taken down. This instance is when UM is forced to seek alternative exam locations. Unfortunately, the city of Maastricht does not have many exam locations that are suitable for large numbers of students. Club Pellikaan, however, does offer that capability and has a number of advantages over the outdated municipal sports centres:

- heated waiting area at the location

- catering available at reasonable prices

- low-noise floor in the exam hall

- good accessibility as well as ample parking for cars and bicycles. 

There are, however, some downsides to the location: the already limited toilet facilities, for example, will occasionally have to be shared with the gym-goers at Club Pellikaan and the location’s accessibility by public transport has deteriorated since Arriva took over local transport routes from Veolia.

What measures has UM taken?
Limited toilet facilities
Earlier this year, UM conducted a pilot programme with additional mobile toilet units; however, they could not be placed inside the building. For that reason, UM has decided to continue using the small number of heated toilets inside the building. As such, students will have to take account of a slightly longer wait at the lavatories. Unfortunately, sharing the toilet facilities with potential gym-goers cannot be avoided. UM staff on site, however, will ensure that access and use of the facilities goes as smoothly as possible.

Accessibility by public transport
UM is currently in consultation with Arriva on restoring bus access to the location. It is our hope that this provision will lead to an improvement of the situation in the near future. We recommend that students who rely on public transport make use of the OV-fiets bicycles. In this way, the exam location is a 10- to 15-minute bike ride away from the station and a 10-minute bike ride away from the city centre (Market). Students who still prefer to travel by bus should take account of additional travel time.