Muito obrigado!

Projects have fixed start and end dates, but partnerships know no such limits.

This week we are finalizing the 4-year project ‘Capacity building for innovative interventions and services on sexual and reproductive health and rights’ with the Catholic University of Mozambique (UCM), who has been our partner for decades. Over time, institutes become people, and people become friends.

On 14 March 2019, cyclone Idai hit Beira. The world learned of this disaster only a few days later as there was no electricity, no internet, no roads, no food, no drinking water and thus no press. More than 3 million people experienced the direct effects of the cyclone, with hundreds of thousands in need of assistance.

The community of Maastricht University responded to the call to action and supported UCM financially via the campaign, ‘Care for Beira’.

It feels good to know that so many people cared. Old friends stay together, especially in difficult times. After 2 years, the reconstruction of hospital and university buildings is still ongoing, and the resilience of the staff and students continues to amaze.

Why is working with SHE Collaborates so fulfilling? Because it is about connecting people with a passion for health professions education and learning to speak the same language.

Geraldine Beaujean