Update on DigiD for cross-border workers

Update on DigiD for cross-border workers

The case on the DigiD for cross-border workers is ongoing before the Dutch Administrative Court.

The survey distributed with the previous newsletter received many responses, for which ITEM would like to thank you. The results from the survey were used at the court hearing, which took place in May. ITEM expects to receive the judgement in the upcoming weeks.

Background information:
A digital identity or 'DigiD' is a necessity when working or living in the Netherlands. With the DigiD, an individual can easily communicate with a range of Dutch governmental institutions as well receive (digital) services. For instance, the DigiD allows one to make an online application for child benefits as well as appointments at a municipality. In addition, it provides access to many information resources, such as an overview of one's pension entitlements at the click of a button.
However, in order to apply for a DigiD one needs to fulfill one of the following conditions:

• Reside in the Netherlands, or
• Have the Dutch nationality

This means that people who work in the Netherlands but live outside the Netherlands, such as frontier workers, have no access to this service, making information requests more difficult and applications for certain public services more extensive. This seems an unnecessary obstacle for such cross-border workers and such exclusion amounts to discrimination on grounds of nationality.