European Studies on Society, Science and Technology

***Awarded 'Top Rated Programme' label, Keuzegids 2018***


Are you a socially conscious, critical thinker? Are you interested in politics and technology? And does the connection between innovation and society intrigue you? Then the master’s European Studies on Society, Sciences and Technology (ESST) might be what you are looking for. As an ESST student, you will investigate the relationship between science, technology, and society, from a cultural, political, economic, and historical point of view.

This programme is offered together with 15 partner universities across Europe. You will spend your first semester taking courses at Maastricht University. During the second semester, you will select a specialisation and write your thesis either at Maastricht University or at one of the programme’s partner universities abroad.

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Florieke Bogaarts, Student Ambassador European Studies on Society, Science and Technology

Florieke Bogaarts is from the Netherlands, she has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from a University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen and decided to come to Maastricht for the master’s programme in European Studies on Society, Science and Technology. “During my bachelor’s programme I went to Sweden as an exchange student and spent a semester studying media culture & technology, and international politics, so totally different topics from Communication. I also travelled a lot which confronted me with cultural and social-economic differences. It made me appreciate what we have here but also fuelled my awareness of the choices we make and the consequences of those choices for yourself and others. I decided to go to the Open Day at Maastricht University to obtain information about their master’s programmes and was impressed by the focus on ethics, also in a technological and societal context. I was accepted for the ESST pre-master last year, and I’m now enjoying the master’s programme itself. It’s a small-scale programme and I’m extremely happy with the open atmosphere and the recognition and respect we receive from the teaching staff.”

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Florieke Bogaarts, Ambassador European Studies on Society, Science and Technology 2017-2018 (2)

“I would like to raise awareness about the growing influence of technology and science on people’s lives and the possible downsides of that development.”

  • After finishing my bachelor in European Public Health (EPH), I was looking for a more critical master which focuses on why our society looks the way it looks today. I wanted to go deeper into the “system” to be able to change it and hereby improve the health and sustainability of our society.
    Maartje Zaal, European Studies on Society, Science and Technology
  • “In my future career, working in consultancy or conducting research, I will greatly benefit from the open-mindedness which is cultivated and highly valued here.”
    Shelly Tsui, Student Ambassador European Studies on Society, Science and Technology 2016-2017
  • ESST offered me the opportunity to take a step back and learn more about how technology affects society and how society determines which technologies are accepted
    Erika Boeing (United States), European Studies on Society, Science & Technology


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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

      When she previously lived in Hamburg, Carlotta Borges, a European Studies student, saw homeless people who didn’t have anywhere to go. When she came here to study, she decided to address the fate of the homeless in Maastricht. “I wanted to give something back to the city”, says Carlotta. More than a hundred people responded to her initial message on the Sharing Caring page on Facebook. About half of them came to the meeting where the idea of ​​helping had to take on more concrete forms. Read the entire article on our website. ⬇️

      Cooking for the homeless
      3 days 9 hours ago
    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

      Would you like to solve regional issues related to employability and put new ideas into practice? Work in an interdisciplinary team on real problems faced by the stakeholders and contribute to the transformation of Maastricht and Limburg!

      On 9 June, the EmployMaas Hackathon is going to take place in Maastricht, and we invite you to get together with other enthusiastic and creative minds! Take a look at the website and learn more about the challenges you can participate in.

      EmployMaas Hackathon - 9th of June
      1 week 10 hours ago
    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

      Are you a first-year BA AC or ES student? Would you like to become more involved with Maastricht University and FASoS? As a Student Ambassador you will help prospective students make the right study choice. You get to share your personal experiences, inform prospective students about your study programme and earn some extra money.

      Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter to events-fasos[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl before 15 May.

      2 weeks 3 days ago