European Studies

How can we understand the EU’s response to the financial crisis or to the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia? How do we account for the EU’s reaction to the refugee crisis provoked by conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa? What is Europe’s peacekeeping role and capacity? The master's programme in European Studies trains you to answer these complex questions. Because you cannot study Europe from just one angle, the programme examines global developments and multi-level governance in a broader context, combining political science, history, international relations, economics and cultural studies. This student-centred, interdisciplinary programme is among the largest, and certainly the most international, in Europe and has an excellent reputation. You will study the internal and external dimensions of European policy, governance and administration. The focus is on the underlying issues of power and influence, governance and culture within the European milieu and between Europe and the wider world.

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Siebe Geerts, Student Ambassador Master European Studies

Siebe is from Belgium, has a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies from KU Leuven and chose to come to Maastricht University for the Master’s programme European Studies. “I always wanted to show the world that I can leave an imprint on society. I’m not just another person in the crowd. One of my ambitions is to get involved in humanitarian interventions, peacekeeping operations, to work in that field and really make a change. I was attracted by the combination of International Relations and EU politics in this master’s programme, on top of the international atmosphere, the many different nationalities and cultures around me.”

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Siebe Geerts, Ambassador Master European Studies

“I always wanted to show the world that I can leave an imprint on society.”

  • We went on a two-day trip to Brussels and spoke to Business Europe, one of the biggest lobby groups there
    Frank Mütze (The Netherlands), European Studies