Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education

What is the societal and academic significance of 'art', 'heritage' and 'culture'? Why do we value certain works of art, heritage or cultural practices and not others? How do different ways of interpreting and presenting the arts and cultural heritage affect our ideas about the past, present and future? If you are interested in finding the answers to questions like these, and you have a passion for art and cultural heritage, the master’s programme Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education might be the right choice for you.

In this programme, which you can choose to follow in English or Dutch, you will develop the academic and professional knowledge and skills you will need to become a policy maker, art manager, museum curator or educator. This internationally-oriented programme approaches art and cultural heritage from different perspectives. You will also have plenty of opportunities to concentrate on your specific areas of interest.

Information for Dutch-speaking students

Instead of choosing the English taught master’s programme Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education, it is also possible to choose the master’s programme Kunst, Cultuur en Erfgoed where you follow the academic skills trainings in Dutch and write your essays and master’s thesis in Dutch.

For more information on this master, please check the programme website.

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Silvija Burbaité, Student Ambassador Arts and Heritage

Silvija Burbaite is from Lithuania, she has a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Information and Communication from Vilnius University, Lithuania and decided to come to Maastricht for the master’s programme Arts and Heritage: Policy Management and Education. “I’ve always been interested in history, but I also see myself working in a museum with art and education, so this to me was the perfect combination! It was also the only programme in which both components, arts and heritage, were equally represented. And since I didn’t have to do a pre-master for this master’s programme, the choice to come here was really easy. So far, the programme is intense but I enjoy Maastricht, the quality of life here and the freedom we have because of the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) method. You are so responsible for your own learning process and therefore, time management skills are useful. I’m also impressed by the friendliness and helpful attitude of all the teachers and staff. There is a real sense of community here. This programme also gives you lots of professional experience and the opportunity to establish your own network in the field, which comes in handy to kick-start your career.”

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Silvija Burbaite, Ambassador Master Arts and Heritage 2018-2019

“Eventually I want to go back to Lithuania to make an impact there in the fields of Arts, Culture and Heritage. The country needs people like me.”

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  • It’s inspirational to look at the world from different angles while keeping an open eye to what’s happening around you.
    Elijah Rankin, Student Ambassador Arts and Heritage 2017-2018
  • “I want to be creative in my thinking, not falling into patterns. That’s why this environment suits me so well, also with the many different nationalities and cultures.”
    Naomi Eiro Dacal, Student Ambassador Arts and Heritage 2016-2017
  • "On the one hand, Arts and Heritage provides basic knowledge of management and marketing (which is definitely necessary in the cultural field), on the other hand, the program provides for the opportunity to choose from a wide range of more specific subjects, such as Curatorship or Creative Cities, and focus on the ones which interest you the most"
    Lukas Thüring (German), Arts and Heritage
  • Maastricht University was the perfect option, since it does not solely focus on academic side but also takes the practices into account. I was super delighted to have been accepted!"
    Honey Kraiwee (Thai), Arts and Heritage
  • I am very happy about my choice, I see a lot of value in pairing the professors’ expertise with the international expertise that students bring into our lecture and tutorial sessions.
    Marie-Aimée Ishimwe Ntawukulityayo (Rwandan/Belgian), Arts and Heritage
  • I’m very happy with the program because it helped me to discover new methodologies and fields related to arts and culture which I never had the chance to explore before.
    Gabriel Noguera Vich (Spanish), Arts and Heritage