European Studies (Research)

***Awarded ‘Top Rated Programme’ label, Keuzegids 2017 & 2018***

***Best European Studies Master’s programme in the Netherlands (Keuzegids 2018)***


Do you want to broaden your knowledge of European politics and policies in a programme that combines the study of political science with international relations, history and sociology? Are you ambitious, with a keen motivation to pursue a career that requires strong research competences, such as in a think tank or in academia, or jobs in politics and journalism? And are you interested in being part of a small, close-knit community of students and researchers? If so, the two-year interdisciplinary European Studies programme is the right choice for you.

  • Choose a study specialisation (year 1): Europe and the World / Governance and Representation in Europe / Historicising European Union.
  • Choose a graduation package (year 2): Double Degree / Study Abroad / Research Internship.​

Unique features

  • A small, close-knit community of students and researchers (average intake 12-15 students)
  • Over 90% international students
  • Awarded 'Top Rated Programme' label (Higher Education Guide/ Keuzegids 2018)
  • Top-rated faculty (Higher Education Guide/ Keuzegids 2017)
  • Scholarships are available towards tuition, maintenance, study abroad and internships

Download the programme flyer or contact the programme director Giselle Bosse: rmes-fasos[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl.

More information about graduation packages can be found on the "Courses & Curriculum" page.

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Eva Durlinger, Student Ambassador Research Master European Studies

Eva Durlinger is from the Netherlands. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in European Studies from Maastricht University and decided to stay in Maastricht for the European Studies Research Master. “I started my bachelor’s programme at another university which was taught in the traditional way. It didn’t quite suit my needs and I quickly started looking at other universities. That’s when I came across the PBL method at Maastricht University. From the beginning onwards, I loved the academic atmosphere and I knew that after my bachelor’s degree, I wanted to do a Research Master in European Studies to be able to pursue a career in academia. Amsterdam and London were solid options but I decided to stay in Maastricht because of my great experiences so far. Besides that, the programme here has a unique character. It’s a smale-scale master’s degree set in a very informal environment enabling close interaction with the academic staff. You can choose between three different specialisations in the first year and in your second year you can go abroad, do a research internship or opt for a Double Degree programme and go to the University of Cologne.”

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Eva Durlinger, Ambassador Research Master European Studies 2017-2018 (2)

“The unique nature of the programme allows you to fit it to your individual research interests".

  • “This research master teaches you to think in an abstract way, which is necessary to understand the problems and challenges the EU faces.”
    Johanna Breuer, Student Ambassador Research Master European Studies 2016-2017


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