Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (Research)

Are you inquisitive, curious and open-minded? Are you interested in how science, arts and technology contribute to modern culture?  And would you like to pursue an academic career in this challenging field? Then you should consider getting a research master’s in Cultures of Art, Science and Technology (CAST). This one-of-a-kind programme examines the different ways in which the seemingly separate and contrasting fields converge: the sciences are object of cultural critique in the arts, the arts continuously incorporate new technologies and both the sciences and the arts ‘imagine’ our culture’s future. The programme combines the study of relevant theories from history, sociology, philosophy and qualitative social sciences with training in the application of different scientific methods such as archival research, discourse analysis and ethnographic observation. This ensures that you will gain all the experience you need to find work as an interdisciplinary researcher at a university or knowledge institute.

The Research Master was accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accrediation organisation and received an exceptional score of ‘good’.

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Laura Barendregt, Student Ambassador Research Master Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology

Laura Barendregt is from Australia, she has a bachelor’s degree in Performance Studies from the University of Sydney and decided to come to Maastricht for a 2-year research master’s programme in Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology. “During my bachelor’s study I came to University College Maastricht as an exchange student and was impressed by the atmosphere here and the level of students’ commitment. My grandparents are Dutch and I liked exploring those roots a bit. I stayed for a whole year on a working holiday visa and when a boyfriend entered the equation, I decided to apply for a residence permit with full working and study rights. What I particularly like about this research master’s is that we are actually learning and doing so much. The skills component was a deciding element for me. I’m considering a career in research and this research master’s is a prerequisite for a PhD position. Perhaps combined with a teaching position at the university, which is also something I would be open to. So far, I’m very happy with the choices I have made. I like the city and its surroundings, it’s all very manageable. I can even ride my bike to the university, which is like the opposite side of the spectrum compared to the vast city of Sydney.”

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Laura Barendregt, Ambassador Research Master Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology 2017-2018 (2)

“After my bachelor’s programme which was very broad, I was ready to specialise and really dive into learning skills.”

  • “I really try to explore different ways of seeing things and this research master enables me to widen my horizons.”
    Grant Meyer, Student Ambassador Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology 2016-2017
  • The programme showed me what it means to actually be a researcher
    Veerle Spronck, Cultures of Arts, Sciences and Technology (Research)
  • The programme teaches you how to formulate a question and choose the appropriate method and material to answer the question
    Maximilian Matuschka (Belgium/Germany), Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology


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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

      This year, the Festival of Pleasure Art and Science (PAS-festival) will take place between 7 and 8 September. We can already give you a sneak peak into this year’s programme, but make sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page for any updates!

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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

      Join the PAS-team during the PAS-festival 2018!

      On 7 and 8 September Studium Generale, Maastricht University organises a special festival full of music, theatre, dance, art and interesting lectures. Do you want to help them make this PAS-festival a success? Join their great team of volunteers. You get a T-shirt, a meal, drinks and get paid € 8,00 per hour. Interested? Sign up here ⬇️

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