Health Education and Promotion

You like working with people – children, elderly, employees, patients – but you aren’t sure how to best address their specific health problems? Would you like to help make environments and organisations conducive to healthy living? Are you interested in why people smoke, drink or overeat – and in helping to change these behaviours? Then Health Education and Promotion could be just the programme for you. The programme revolves around developing, evaluating, implementing and promoting health interventions. After you’ve completed the programme you'll be an expert in promoting health and well-being. You could pursue a career at health institutes, consultancies, insurance companies, governments and academia. Download our full infopack  

  • There are so many small things people can do themselves to improve the quality of life
    Ingri Olsen (Norway), Health Education and Promotion
  • I want to promote the overall knowledge about health
    Daniella Lock (Canada), Health Education and Promotion
  • I would like to work in a health promoting company, in projects related to a variety of health issues, serving local communities and youth in particular
    Emmanuelle Blanchet (Canada), Health Education and Promotion

Health Education and Promotion programme has high-quality teaching

Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO)

UM is the fifth best young university in the world

Times Higher Education '250 Under 50'


    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

      Frank Nijpels started out as a technician in the instruments department at Maastricht University (UM) and the MUMC+. Now he is working on the Vitrojet, a new device that prepares samples for Cryo-electron microscopy. This form of microscopy requires samples to be cooled very rapidly to avoid crystallisation. The Vitrojet should largely automate this process of vitrification.

      Nijpels recently started a job at Cryo-Sol, a startup headquartered on the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus. This spinoff company was founded to bring the Vitrojet to consumers.

      Technical feats at 180 degrees below zero
      11 hours 38 min ago
    • The three last months of the HEP program are scheduled for an internship. During these three months, we conduct a research and write a research article 🤓

      Curious about the type of research you can conduct? Here is an explanation of the research Ilse, one of my fellow HEP students, is conducting 💁‍♀️

      "My internship is about a healthy living environment in Nijmegen. The municipality of Nijmegen wants to know what a healthy living environment is and more specifically, what inhabitants think about this. The goal of my research is to find out how inhabitants think that their environment influences their health. Do they sleep bad because of noise on the street, do they use the bike lanes, or can they meet with friends in the park? To find answers to these questions, we organise focus groups. This means that in each district of Nijmegen we have a 1,5 hour conversation with a small group of inhabitants to discuss their ideas and opinions. This research is done at request of the municipality and executed at academic workplace AMPHI. Organising the focus groups in quite a challenge, but that also makes it a lot of fun. I am curious to find out the results of this study."

      2 days 11 hours ago

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