Globalisation and Development Studies

Do you have a passion for research and work in the field of globalisation and development, rooted in undergraduate studies or experience in the field? Are you interested in individuals and communities, as well as in the broader relations between the Global North and South? Do you have the ambition to develop your academic research skills and to use academic insights to make a positive impact in the world? If so, this may be the right programme for you. The master’s in Globalisation & Development Studies is a social science programme that focuses on how the dynamics of globalisation affect developing areas. You will develop the theoretical, analytical and practical skills that are essential for either an academic or professional career in globalisation and development.

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Arundhati Bhattacharya, Student Ambassador Globalisation and Development Studies

“Before pursuing this programme, I have been working in the development sector for two years in India. For now, I want to garner knowledge and explore opportunities in the health, gender, and livelihood aspects of the development sector. For the future, I aspire to work with international organisations like the Red Cross, United Nations, or World Bank. Ultimately, my goal is to serve my country, India, by working closely with the policy making organisations and government bodies to create a positive impact on the Human Development Index of the nation.Coming all the way from India, I had to be sure at every step that I am making is the right choice. The former Globalisation and Development Studies student ambassador has been exceptionally responsive and cooperative with all my queries and doubts related to the programme. This has helped me make a conscious decision.
I applied to a few universities across Europe, but several reasons made me choose for Maastricht University (UM) over all others. Apart from having an outstanding faculty, UM is also one of the top ranked Young Universities of the world. This programme has a good employability rate, which is an ideal starting point for students who really want to work in the development sector. What also helped a lot is that the Netherlands has a good immigration policy for non-EU citizens and getting a visa or visa extension is not so stringent as in other countries.
What I like about the city, is that Maastricht has a cosmopolitan vibe and welcomes people of all colours and backgrounds. Even though every nook and corner of this city is beautiful, my favourite spots will have to be the Stadspark (City Park). On sunny days you can see children laughing and playing, people basking in the sun, and I personally love the sunset across the breezy and sparkling Maas River.”

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Arundhati Bhattacharya, Student Ambassador MA Globalisation and Development studies 2021-2022

"The programme has a good employability rate, which is an ideal starting point for students who really want to work in the development sector".

Arundhati finished a bachelor’s programme in Indian & World History and a master’s programme in Social Welfare from Calcutta University, India.

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Pre-master's programme

If you do not satisfy the admission requirements of this Master's programme you may be able to enrol in a Pre-master's course year. Check out the Pre-master information and learn more about the programme, the courses and the requirements.

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