Global Supply Chain Management and Change

***Awarded 'Top Rated Programme' label, Keuzegids 2018***


Are you a creative thinker who can innovate to achieve a competitive edge? Are you interested in supply chain management processes and how they can be improved? And would you like to make a real difference to a company that wants to compete in a dynamic, international marketplace? If so, the master’s programme in Global Supply Chain Management and Change may be the perfect way to start your career.

The programme is taught in Venlo, located just 80 kilometres from Maastricht. Known as the Netherlands’ logistics hotspot, Venlo is home to the headquarters and distribution facilities of many logistics service providers. During your time in Venlo, you'll learn all about supply chain management, innovation and entrepreneurship. This makes the programme ideal for if you would like to work as an innovator or change manager at a logistics organisation. 

  • Here you get the opportunity to write your thesis combined with an internship, and that appealed to me
    Claire Veit (22, Germany) Global Supply Chain Management and Change


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      Studying GSCMC at Maastricht University, Campus Venlo offers students the opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding of supply chain and innovations all over the world and to work on real business cases. Thus, students can gain practical experience during their study throughout different activities.
      The master’s program starts in September and it is a 1-year, full-time master’s entirely taught in English.

      By choosing to study GSCMC at Campus Venlo you will be joining a highly international community of students from all around the globe, as we have 10 nationalities for this year.🌍🌎🌏

      Want to learn more about the program, admissions, tuition fees etc.? Visit our Campus Open Day on Saturday, April 13 at 10 a.m.!

      You can sign up here:

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      Joery Verhagen / 22 / Master's Student at Global Supply Chain Management and Change
      "Hey, my name is Joery Verhagen and I am a 22 year old Dutch MSc student from Global Supply Chain Management & Change.
      I'm probably the biggest stereotypical nerd in the program. In my free time I like to play videogames, watch esports, listen to music while trying to figure out the meaning of the lyrics or hang out with my fellow students. I chose GSCM&C in Venlo due to the #1 spot in the Keuzegids' rankings. Last month I was elected to Vice-President of the Education Program Committee at Campus Venlo. In the EPC we monitor and try to improve the quality of education.
      I am happy with my choice and would not change it. The small-scale campus in Venlo really makes it so much easier to connect with my fellow students. This really is a whole different experience as I had in my BSc. The quality of the education does not suffer from the smaller scale. The coordinators of the course are really motivated to get students to pass and are willing to go the extra mile. Throughout the program we also place a pretty large emphasis on sustainability, which I wholeheartedly support.
      After this Masters' program I want to work in a relatively small company. I am not sure where yet, but the amount of recruiters that messaged me on LinkedIn makes me feel confident I will have enough options!

      ​- Joery, 2019"

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