Global Supply Chain Management and Change

Are you a creative thinker who can innovate to achieve a competitive edge? Are you interested in supply chain management processes and how they can be improved? And would you like to make a real difference to a company that wants to compete in a dynamic, international marketplace? If so, the master’s programme in Global Supply Chain Management and Change may be the perfect way to start your career.

The programme is taught in Venlo, located just 80 kilometres from Maastricht. Known as the Netherlands’ logistics hotspot, Venlo is home to the headquarters and distribution facilities of many logistics service providers. During your time in Venlo, you'll learn all about supply chain management, innovation and entrepreneurship. This makes the programme ideal for if you would like to work as an innovator or change manager at a logistics organisation. 

  • Here you get the opportunity to write your thesis combined with an internship, and that appealed to me
    Claire Veit (22, Germany) Global Supply Chain Management and Change


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    • Photo by Global Supply Chain Management & Change -  UM - Campus Venlo

      #PlacesToGoinVenlo - Julianapark is the park that our students mainly hang out during summer 🏞 As the park is located just in front of our campus, students usually go there to enjoy the sun, play different games, listen to the music, study or read the book and do much more different activities 🤼‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤾‍♂️ The park covers large area between Burgemeester van Rijnsingel and Deken van Oppensingel streets. Except our students, you can see a lot of people hanging around in the park.
      Until the 19th century, the Elysium was located at this location, just outside the Keulsepoort. Different kinds of balls and shows were given for that particular time period. The park was built after World War II and certain changes are made in the structure of park during 1980-s. Now you can see the whole overview of gorgeous and chill park in the photo.
      Note that the weather will be above 25 degree during Easter Holiday! So if you are in Venlo, never miss the chance to enjoy the combination of the weather, park and holiday 🌞☀️
      We wish you to have a wonderful Easter! 🥚

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    • Photo by Global Supply Chain Management & Change -  UM - Campus Venlo

      Medha Pareek / 25 / MSc Global Supply Chain Management and Change

      "Hi, my name is Medha. I am pursuing my masters in Global Supply Chain Management and Change at Campus Venlo of Maastricht University. I was born and raised in a small town in India. I did my bachelors in engineering and later on worked for 3 years in a supply chain start-up in Delhi.

      I chose the GSCMC program in Maastricht University to broaden my theoretical understanding of core supply chain concepts while getting a first-hand impression of how logistic industries work. I found the problem based learning here to be quite unique which has encouraged me, as a student, to step out of my comfort zone and realise my full potential. The students here are very engaging, and the class discussions has always been active. This environment of Maastricht University has not only helped me in imbibing broader domain knowledge but also helped in developing my overall personality, fuelling confidence in me.

      I had never been to Europe before, and this culture immersion experience has been very fascinating. The university provided free Dutch lessons for us first-year students, so I learned a bit of Dutch. Now I can introduce myself, shop in supermarket and order food at restaurants in Dutch.

      The time spent here has been full of learning opportunities that were fun and frolic while also coming with the academic grind that one has to go through. I was able to meet people from all over the world and I’ll always cherish the memories of the field trips, workshops, bar hopping and dinner parties that we have attended together.
      To conclude, I am very glad that I chose to study abroad in Maastricht University. This experience has transformed and enriched my view of the world".

      1 week 15 hours ago
    • Plenty of time to walk around our campus and ask our students questions about our master's programme Global Supply Chain Management and Change! Karim Suleymanov and Femke Van de Moosdijk are here to help you get a nice overview of the programme, the internships and the new campus!
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